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The Healthcare Online Resource (THOR) is an e-service offered to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.

THOR is not compatible with Windows 10 – Edge. Users can only access THOR using Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11. Users that are using or have upgraded to Windows 10 – Edge will not be able to access THOR.

Please fill out as much information as you can. Once you have submitted your registration, THOR Support Services will set up your access and contact you with your THOR login information. If you are experiencing problems contact THOR Support Services: 1-800-544-THOR (8467) | Email:

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Search THOR's Bulletin Board for the information you need on the latest medical policies, news bulletins, and much more.
For Dental and Vision Providers: Check the status of claims
All Providers: Initiate claim adjustment for claims processed in the legacy system (i.e. date of service prior to a member's migration to the new platform)

Please identify the National Provider Identifier (NPI) for your Clinic or Hospital:

For Vision Providers Only: View your payment listings on THOR.

Please identify the Clinic or Institutional NPI that you will be viewing electronic remits for:

For Dental and Vision Providers only: Verify eligibility and coverage information on the member's Dental or Vision Benefit Plan, network affilation and cost share amounts.

Please enter the National Provider Identifier (NPI) and identify the type of coverage (Professional/Institutional) for your Clinic or Hospital:

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Track vaccine information needed to administer and verify timely immunizations.

Identify your state immunization provider number(s):

Enter Out of State preauthorizations electronically.
Enter preauthorizations electronically.

Please identify the National Provider Identifier (NPI) that you will be submitting preauths for:

For Vision Providers only: Entry of non-medical professional claims into the system real-time.

Note: Since you have chosen Real Time Claims, Claim Inquiry is recommended.

Please identify the National Provider Identifier (NPI) for your Clinic:

Enter referrals electronically.

Please identify the National Provider Identifier (NPI) that you will be submitting referrals for:


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Bulletin Board
Chiropractic Fee Schedule
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Claim Correction
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Claim Inquiry
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Electronic Payment Listings
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Injectables/Other Pharmacy Fee Schedule
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Professional Coverage
Provider Name: {{}}
NPI: {{user.membership.professionalProvider.npiNumber}}
Institutional Coverage
Provider Name: {{}}
NPI: {{user.membership.institutionalProvider.npiNumber}}
ND Immunization Information System
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    ND State Immunization Number: {{prov.immunizationNumber}}
    Security Type: {{prov.securityType}}
Out of State Preauthorization
Physician Payment Schedule
Provider Name: {{}}
NPI: {{user.physicianPaymentSchedule.provider.npiNumber}}
Provider Name: {{}}
NPI: {{user.preauthorization.provider.npiNumber}}
Security Type: {{user.preauthorization.provider.securityType}}
Provider Data Exchange
{{$index+1}}. Tax Identification Number: {{user.providerDataExchange.taxIdNumbers[$index]}}
Provider Directory
Real Time Claims
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    NPI: {{prov.npiNumber}}
Provider Name: {{}}
NPI: {{user.referral.provider.npiNumber}}
Security Type: {{user.referral.provider.securityType}}
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